The 2020 Census is an enumeration of every person residing in the United States.

It is conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau under the Department of Commerce. While the 2020 census is their most important operation, it is far from the only information that they gather on a yearly basis.


Households will first get a mail flyer or Census form

Mail will have the return address of one of the following addresses:

  1. U.S. Department of Commerce (parent agency of the Census Bureau)

  2. Jeffersonville, Indiana. The Census Bureau’s National Processing Center 1201 East 10th St., Jeffersonville, IN.

  3. Denver Regional Office 6950 West Jefferson Ave., Lakewood, 80235


How to IDENTIFY a census worker

If a household does not fill out a census form by the end of April 2020, a worker from the Census Bureau will visit the household to ensure a full count. Enumerators (also called door knockers) will be carrying a laptop or tablet with a letter from the Census Bureau explaining why they are at the household. They will also have an ID badge that includes:

  • name

  • their photograph

  • a Department of Commerce watermark

  • an expiration date

You can verify a census worker through looking up their name of the Census Bureau staff directory.

the u.s. census bureau also conducts over 130 household surveys each year

The most common household survey is the American Community Survey (ACS) that occurs every year. The survey goes out to about about 1 in 38 households each year and is significantly longer than the decennial census. All the surveys will continue operations through 2020. If a household receives an American Community Survey in 2020, the household will ALSO need to fill out a 2020 Census form with 10 questions.

A list of all the surveys the Census Bureau conducts can be found here.